MoreApp gives you the possibility to save your form as a draft in the App or Web App, so that you can continue filling in the form at another moment.

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1. Save the form

After you have filled in a form (partly), you can save the form as a draft. Click in the left upper corner on Save & Close.

You can also save the form as a draft by clicking on Options at the top right corner. You will get three options:

1. Send form: to send the form once it is finished.

2. Save & Closeto save the form in the app in the Drafts tab. 

3. Delete: to delete the form.

2. Continue with the form

After you click on Save & Close, the form will appear in the Drafts tab. As soon as you click on the form, you can continue with filling in the form. To get a clear picture of which forms are saved at the drafts tab, you can add a description to the forms, such as the date. This is further explained in this Help Center Post.

Note: When saving a task as a draft, the task will be visible under the Tasks tab instead of under Drafts.

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