Do you want to send an email based on choices in your form? Read how to do this with Rules!   

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1. Forms page

Go to the MoreApp Platform and select for example your work order form. Click on Edit Form and the Form Builder will be visible.

2. Add Checkbox-widgets

Add Checkbox-widgets to your form and click on the pencil. Configure the widgets by, giving a name by Label.

3. Add Email-widgets

Add 3 Email-widgets under the Checkbox-widgets.

Every Email-widget stands for an option. Configure each Email-widget. Add the name of the Options at Label and write down the email of the recipient as Default Value

4. Configure Rules

Go to the Rules tab and click on Add Rule. Every Email-widget has his own Rule. Give the Rule a unique name. Configure Every rule like the image below. 

5. Configure the Email

Go to the Email tab and select the 3 Email-widgets as Dynamic Recipients by clicking on Add recipient

Click Save Publish when done. Congrats! When selecting one or more options in the Checkbox-widgets, the email will be sent to the linked email addresses. 

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