Use the Service Accounts tab to manage all third-party accounts connected to your Digital Forms account. 

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1. Settings

First, click on your account (it’s the second button from the bottom on the left side), then click on Settings

2. Service Accounts

Click on Service Accounts. If you have currently no third party accounts connected to your MoreApp account, your screen will look like this:

3. Configure Service Accounts

To add a service account you must first select whether the account you wish to add is from Google Sheets or OneDrive. Next, click on Add Service Account

Select the email address you wish to configure with MoreApp.

Allow MoreApp access to your Google account. 

Allow MoreApp access to your OneDrive account.


4. Name Accounts

It will then be automatically added to the list of service accounts. It's possible to rename the service account by clicking on the name.

5. Integration configuration

When adding integrations to your form you will now be able to select the Service Accounts you previously added to your form. 

If you want to know all about configuring the integrations, click on the links below to follow a step-by-step guide!

Google sheets integration

OneDrive integration


6. Add Service Accounts via Integrations

It's also possible to add new Service Accounts by clicking on Connect in the integration configuration which can be found under Login.

7. Delete or Reconnect Service Accounts

We also offer the option to delete or reconnect your service accounts.

To reconnect, click Reconnect. A pop up window will appear in which you can choose a new or existing account to which you want to connect the Platform.

To delete a service account, click Delete. A pop up window will appear in which you need to click Delete to confirm the deletion.

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