When applying for a Branded App there are some requirements. In this guideline, we describe what we need from you to develop your Branded App. 

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Branding is available in the Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

When choosing a Branded App, you choose a personalised App. A personalised App requires dedicated time from our Product Team. The development of a Branded App will take up to > 4 weeks and the costs of the Branding App are 4,950 EUR per year. The minimum purchase is set for one year. If you are on the Forest plan, this feature is included. 


When the Branded App contract is signed, you will receive a form to fill out. The guidelines below give you extra information while filling out this form. 

  • Purpose of the App 
    Here you will find the difference between a Public and Private App. Public Apps are typically the preferred choice.

    • Public AppThe App will be available (or can be downloaded) in the Stores.

      • We upload the App with our Developer Account in the public App Store and Google Play Store.

    • Private App: The App is for internal use only.

      • We upload the App with our Developer Account as private distribution (Apple Business Manager and Google).

        • For iOS (Apple Business Manager):

          • Create an Apple Business Manager account with your own Apple ID.

          • Provide us with your Organisation ID, which can be found in Apple Business Manager.

          • We publish the App from our Developer Account, targeted only for your Organisation ID.

        • For Android (Google):

          • Sign in to the managed Google Play store

          • Click Admin Settings, on the left-side column.

          • Copy your Organisation ID string from the Organisation information box and send it to us.

  • Your Generic contact Email address

    • Decide on the generic email address to be utilised for the Apple and Play Store. 

  • Your App name

    • The name of your App. This will be shown in the Stores and when the App is downloaded. 

  • Your subtitle 

    • Create a subtitle of 30 characters for your App. This will be shown in the Stores. 

  • Your description of the App

    • Create a description for the App. This will be shown in the Stores. 

  • Your keywords

    • You can add keywords. Keywords are needed to find your App in the Stores. Provide a list with a maximum of 100 characters including spaces and punctuation. This should look as follows: moreapp,work order,inspection, etc (= 33 characters). 

  • Your Platform and Web App Domain

    • You need to create a custom domain for the Platform and Web App. This means that you will create your URLs that replace; platform.moreapp.com and app.moreapp.com 

      1. We will send you instructions via email on how to do this. 

  • Your Branded Colour

    • This colour will replace the MoreApp blue colour in the forms. For example: #e1b82b.

  • Your Button Text 

    • This button is visible on the Start page of your App. Via this button, users can easily contact you. What we need is: 

      1. Button text 

      2. URL which is behind the button


To meet all the criteria (or requirements) of the App Store and/or Google Play Store, MoreApp will create the visuals for the Stores and the Platform.

What we need are the following visuals:

  • Logo - Full colour - Horizontal

    • Preferable Vector file (svg. ai. eps.)

      • Otherwise .png 1200> px wide or 300> px high (300PPI) with a transparent background

  • Icon - Full color

    • Preferable Vector file (svg. ai. eps.)

      • Otherwise .png 1024 by 1024 px (300PPI) with a transparent background

Below you can find an example of how these visuals may look. Your visuals may differ from these examples based on the provided information.


How does it look

Splash screen

Login screen

General form in the App

App icon 


The next steps after receiving your filled-out form

  1. We will check your information and get in touch if something is missing.

  2. We will create the visuals for the Stores and Platform. 

  3. We will develop the Branded App. 

Transactional Emails

If you wish to personalise transactional emails with your brand, you can use our feature ‘Custom Email Domain’. This ensures that all emails are sent using your company's domain. Here you can find how to configure this.

* Examples of transactional emails are the ‘New user invite email’ and the ‘Password reset email’. 

Other information

Below you’ll find an overview of what features are Branded and which are not.



Not Branded

Custom Domain


Transactional emails




Customised Legal Documents


License Agreement


*Single Sign-On (SSO): If your organisation uses Single Sign-On (SSO), you will be redirected to your company's Identity Provider.

Visibility of MoreApp: Please note that we cannot guarantee the complete absence of our company name. MoreApp may appear in the following contexts:

  1. Service Agreement: MoreApp may be referenced in the service agreement between the Partner and its customer, which is a part of Partner Training.

  2. Product References: MoreApp may be mentioned in Help Center posts and API documentation.

  3. Source Code: MoreApp might be visible in various aspects such as URLs, APIs, and code.

  4. App Store and Play Store: In the Stores, MoreApp will always be displayed as the developer.