This guideline describes what is needed from you so we can develop your branded App. 

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

1. Costs

The costs of the Branding module are 450 EUR per month or 4,950 EUR per year. If you go for the yearly option you'll receive one monthly discount. The minimum is set for one year.

Note: If you are in the Forest plan, you will have this feature included for free.

Request Branding by sending us the information below via this form

2. Public or Private App

The first step is to decide how you want your app to be deployed, depending on whether you will use it internally or for commercial purposes. 

MoreApp offers two options: 

1. A public app, is an app that can be downloaded from the stores.

  1. We upload the app with our Developer Account in the public App Store and Google Play Store
  2. Go to section 3. No further action is needed.

2. A private app, is an app that is only internally used. 

  1. We upload the app with our Developer Account as private distribution (Apple Business Manager and Google)
  2. Follow the next steps. 

For iOS (Apple Business Manager):

  1. Create an Apple Business Manager account with your own Apple ID.
  2. Provide us with your Organization ID, which can be found in Apple Business Manager.
  3. We publish the app from our own Developer Account, targeted only for your Organization ID.

For Android (Google):

  1. Sign in to the managed Google Play store
  2. Click Admin Settings, on the left-side column.
  3. Copy your Organization ID string from the Organization information box and send it to us.

How will your app be presented in the App Store? Here's the example of MoreApp:

3. Texts and keywords

  • Create a description for the app. It's recommended to keep the text for both Apple and Android the same. But be careful! It is not permitted to use naming or linking to Google or Android in the App Store. The same counts for the Google Play Store, where naming or linking to Apple is not allowed. 

  • In the App Store, you can add keywords. Deliver us a list with max 100 characters. Spaces and punctuations also count. Deliver the list as follows: moreapp,work order,inspection,etc (=33 characters). We can only note keywords for the App Store. The search engine of the Google Play Store only looks at the App description. If you want to be found on the same keywords you use in the App Store, make sure to use the same words in the App description text for the Google Play Store. 

  • For the App Store, it's optional to add a subtitle (30 characters). 
  • For the Google Play Store, there is an extra short version (80 characters) of the text needed. 

4. URLs

Send us the name of the Platform and Web App, so we can set up 2 URL’s: <nameplatform> and <namewebapp>

5. Images

Our designer will create the branding images.

What we need from you: 

1. Your logo, icon, and/or logo variation in .svg or .ai

2. Your 1 HEX colour code, for example #1dc4c2

4. Favicon

If you already have a favicon (a favicon.ico file), send to us the rest of the documents. Otherwise, we will create a favicon based on your icon or logo.

After we created the images, you have one check moment. So it's very important to think carefully about the end result that you would like to see. 

6. Branded Emails

Do you want to continue to brand the emails? Use our feature ‘Custom Email Domain’ so all emails will be sent with your company’s domain. If you want to read more details, click here

7. Important information

Below you’ll find an overview of what is included in our Branded module and what is not.



Not Branded

Custom Domain


Custom Email templates




Customised Legal Documents


License Agreement


*SSO: You will be directed to the Identity Provider of your company.

MoreApp can not guarantee that our company name is never mentioned. It will appear in:

  1. In the service agreement between Partner and its customer (part of Partner Training).

  2. In the product, we may refer to Help Center posts and API docs.

  3. Source code: MoreApp is visible in URLs, APIs, code etc. 

  4. MoreApp will always be shown in the App Store and Play Store as Developer.


8. MoreApp as Developer

Since we publish the branded apps in our developer's accounts, you'll see MoreApp as the developer of the app. 

App Store:

Google Play Store:

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