Is the Seed plan the right one for you? Learn more about the benefits of the Seed plan. 

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Below you find the advantages of the Seed plan.


The Seed plan is free! 0 EUR!

Free Submissions

You are able to submit 75 forms per month. 


Your account can have 1 user.


Form Builder

Use the Form Builder to create your own forms!


Use the app to fill in forms on your smartphone or mobile device.

Excel export

Export data from your forms directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

Email with PDF

Receive a PDF report via email every time you receive a new submission.


Add rules to your forms to show or hide certain fields on your forms based on the information provided.

API access

Use the API to integrate MoreApp with the tools you are used too


We have created various templates which you can immediately use as forms.


You can pre-fill parts of the form and send an instruction to a user. The assigned user receives a push notification and can easily complete the form.

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