Is the next submission very similar to the previous one and you want to reuse the data? Did you make a mistake in a submission that you already sent? We will explain how to duplicate sent submissions in the App.

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1. Open the App

First of all, open the Digital Forms App and click on the Sent tab.

In the Sent tab you see all the sent submission.

2. Duplicate a Submission

In the Sent tab, open the submission you want to duplicate and then click on Options in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, click Copy.

Pay attention! Signatures will not be duplicated.  

Make the necessary changes and click on Send form in order to send the a new submission.

Another way to duplicate submissions is via the Search-function in the App. 

Note: The File- Pin- and Drawing-widgets won't be displayed when you duplicate the submission.

3. Congratulations!

You have successfully duplicated and reused a previous sent submission!

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