After you have created a form in the Platform you can publish the folder, so that the form is ready to use in the app.

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1. Publishing a folder

Once you have clicked on Edit Form in the Platform and created or modified your form, you can choose between 3 options at the top right corner.

Save; the form is saved and you remain in the Form Builder. Your form will not be published.
Save & Close; the form is saved and you go back to the overview. Your form has not been published.
Save & Publish; the form is published to the app, you go back to the overview. Your form has been published.

Tip: After the form is published in the Platform, make sure to also refresh the app

2. Check whether the folder has been published 

In the Platform, there is a ways to check whether a form has been published or not.

In the overview: Here you can see the status of your form.
The status: Here you can see whether the form has been published.
The date: The date and time of the last publication.

3. Check data names

The data will not be shown in the PDF report when using the words below as data name.

  • true

  • false

  • gt

  • gte

  • lt

  • lte

  • as

  • in

  • using

Enable the Advanced mode in the Properties screen of the widget. Make sure you adjust the Data name. The label can stay the same.

4. Publishing error

It is possible that there is an error in the form that prevents the form from being published. You will receive a notification for this. In this message you can see which form it concerns and which widget/rule.

When a widget isn't configured correctly, it will be marked red. In this way you know which widget you need to adjust.

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