Personalise the PDF report by adjusting the standard column-width to your personal liking.

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This feature is available in the Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

1. Turn on the Advanced mode

Once you have logged into the MoreApp Platform create or select your form and click on Edit Form. When you have finished the form, you can turn on the Advanced mode in the Email tab.

After you've switched on the Advanced settings of the Email, modifications in your form are not updated automatically in the PDF report. When you add a new widget to your form, manually add the widget in the PDF report using HTML-code or click on Reset attachment in the bottom right corner of the Email tab.

MoreApp will update the new widgets in order with their places in your form. 

2. Adjust the column-width

Scroll downwards in the Email tab. You can find the code view (</>) in the PDF settings. Click on </> and the HTML-code automatically becomes visible.

Firstly, search in the HTML-code (ctrl + f for Windows / cmd + f for Mac) for 40%. The 40% represents the current column-width from the left column of the standard generated PDF file. You can adjust the column-width to any percentage of your liking, for example 30%.

Secondly, search in the HTML-code for 60% and change this to for example 70%. Just above the 60% you can find another 40%, also change this percentage to 30%. Now you have made the left column 30% instead of the standard 40%. 

After you're done adjusting, click on Save & Publish.

3. Test the form

Test the new PDF settings by refreshing the app and filling in a form. You can repeat the process until you have found a column-width that fits with your personal needs and wants!

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