MoreApp works on Android and iOS devices. You can also use MoreApp in your browser.

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a) Phone or Tablet: you can log into the App and the Webclient.

  • iOS: You need at least version 11.0.

  • Android: You need at least version 8.0. This is the latest version that still receives (security) updates from Google. You can install MoreApp from version Android 6.0, but we cannot guarantee that everything works as expected.

The App does not support Android Go Edition, Honeywell, Windows and Huawei devices. For these devices, we highly recommend using the Webclient, which is the desktop version of the App.

Note: The App works offline. The Webclient only works with an internet connection.

b) Laptop: you can log into the Platform and the Webclient.

MoreApp supports the latest stable version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. 
It also functions on IE 11, but we can not guarantee that all features work perfectly.