With the Subform-widget, you can repeat adding multiple items to your main form. For example, filling a table with data about materials used, hours worked, photos or building parts.

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1. Add the widget 

Once you have logged in to the MoreApp Platform select your form and click on Edit Form. Drag & drop the Subform-widget into your form. When clicking on the pencil you will be able to edit the widget, by Label you can name the widget. You can name the widget yourself by changing the Label. Click on Add button text to make it look more descriptive for your users.

By clicking on Edit you automatically enter the subform. You can now start building your subform!

2. Email settings

Navigate to the Email tab in your subform to configure your email. Please note, your configuration will be embedded in the email of your main form. Use the placeholders in the body of the email to customise your text. It is also possible to hide empty fields and to outline the data horizontally.

Click on Advanced to preview the design of your subform in your final PDF-report. Click on code view (</>) to change the design of your PDF-report by editing the HTML code.
Note: This feature is available starting from the Branch plan.


3. Configure the widget

Once you've built the subform there are a few more settings to configure. Click on the pencil of the Subform-widget to edit the Summary in app. Use placeholders by clicking on the turquoise buttons or insert any descriptive text of your choice. This information will be shown as a summary of the subform in the app. 

Note: The following widgets are not supported in the Summary in app: Catalogue, Video, Search, Subform, Photo, Pin, Image, Header, HTML, Label and Help-widgets.

Set a limit to the amount of entries by adding a Minimum and/or Maximum. Click Save when done. 

Do you want to use the Subform-widget in other forms? Add the Subform as favorite

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